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This plan covers you and your spouse for all legal forms, not just those dealing with Austin legal

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The coverage details and the cost of a legal service plan is specific to the member's state or province. Please select a state or province by clicking Enroll below.  This will help you find out more about the specific Austin legal form(s) and other legal help available in your area.

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While you should always have any Austin legal form(s) you sign reviewed by a lawyer BEFORE you sign it, it takes time and money to:

  • find a lawyer
  • make an appointment
  • deliver the form

THEN…you have to pay the lawyer for the services given. What if you have questions? Will you have to pay for the lawyer’s time? Chances are, you will.

There’s a better way to get a quality Austin legal legal form.

Wouldn’t you like to have the assurance that you understand what you’re signing and that it complies with the laws in your state?

Why do it this way?
  • Buy Austin legal form(s) online
  • Find the disclaimer stating you should have a lawyer review your Austin legal form(s)
  • Take a chance and use the Austin legal form(s) without review
  • Without review, you risk potential legal errors in the Austin legal form(s)
  • If you have a legal question about your situation, you’ll have to find, call, and pay a lawyer OR maybe you’ll simply guess, cross your fingers, and hope you’re right.

There’s a better way!

  • Enroll in the Plan
  • Get access to a qualified law firm for legal telephone consultation about the Austin legal form(s) you need.
  • Buy ALL forms at a 25% discount from the already competitively priced selections of forms.  This includes discounts on all forms, not just those relating to Austin legal.
  • Legal review by your provider law firm of contracts and documents 10 pages or less on which you are a contracting party.
  • Also, at no additional charge, the plan provides telephone consultations on an unlimited number of personal legal matters as well as initial incorporation consultation.

What does it cost?

For only $89.40 annually (a $7.45 monthly credit card draft) you and your spouse will receive:

  • A 25% discount on already competitively priced legal forms!
  • Legal review by your provider law firm of contracts and documents 10 pages or less on which you are a contracting party
  • Access to hundreds of Public Domain forms and legal information for you to print and use. (Legal form review is not available for Public Domain documents and information.)
  • Access to legal audio guides and FAQs at no added charge
  • Also, at no additional charge, the plan provides telephone consultations on an unlimited number of personal legal matters as well as initial consultation on incorporation.

If you were to ask a law firm to prepare and review a legal document for you, the cost could be substantial. In fact, on average, one hour of a lawyer’s time may cost more than your annual membership fee with the Forms Service Center*!

“Bargain” internet forms and do-it-yourself kits suggest that you consult with a lawyer before executing the document you’ve purchased. As a member you can send your completed document to be reviewed by a lawyer before you sign it!


* 2002 Survey of Law Firm Economics: National Individual Status Codes, Altman Weil ® Publications, Inc.

Note: Should you wish to cancel your membership, you will not be eligible for reinstatement until 12 months after the date of cancellation.

The forms and/or contracts obtained from this service, provided by LOMC Legal Forms, LLC. are not a substitute for legal advice and document review by a qualified legal professional. Neither Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.,, Inc., nor LOMC Legal Forms, LLC, or any of their officers or directors (the "Companies") are engaged in the practice of law. The Companies make no warranties or representations, express or implied, about any benefits or opportunities that may be obtained on this site, or with respect to the legal effects or completeness of any form, including but not limited to, warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title and non-infringement. The Companies do not claim responsibility for legal issues, action or consequences or damages arising from the use of any form obtained through this service, whether from errors or omissions in the content of the site, the forms, or this service. The Companies will not be liable for any consequential, incidental or special damages, including lost profits, arising out of the use or inability to use the forms, even if notified about such damages. Pre-Paid Legal members are encouraged to contact their provider law firm for document review and consultation before signing any form. Non-members are encouraged to consult with a qualified legal professional to ensure the details and legal issues applicable to the specific needs and situation are considered before executing any document. The legal information and forms on this service are not guaranteed to be correct, complete or up to date.

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