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The coverage details and the cost of a legal service plan is specific to Maine. Please click "Enroll" below.  This will help you find out more about the specific legal guardianship form and other legal help available in Maine.

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Maine flag and Maine legal guardianship formsWhile you should always have all Maine legal guardianship form(s) you sign reviewed by a lawyer, it takes time and money to:

  • find a lawyer
  • make an appointment
  • Meet with the attorney
  • Try to understand the paperwork
  • Actually prepare the legal form
  • deliver the form

Here's the Problem...

It can really be a challenge to really know what it is that you're looking for when it comes to getting the guardianship help you need in Maine.

THEN…you have to pay the lawyer for the services given.

  • What if you have guardianship questions the lawyer doesn't answer?
  • What if you don't know how to file the paperwork properly?
  • What if your Maine guardianship issue crosses county, state, or international borders?  Will the Maine attorney know the laws there?
  • What if you just need a little help, but the attorney wants to bill you for multiple hours of service?
  • What if you can't afford the attorney's hourly rate?
  • Will you have to pay for the lawyer’s time...?

...Chances are, you will.

There’s a better way to get quality Maine legal guardianship legal forms, and to also receive legal help in Maine.

Wouldn’t you like to have the assurance that you understand what you’re signing and that it complies with the laws in Maine?

Here's what most people do...

  • Buy legal guardianship form(s) online
  • Find the disclaimer stating " should definitely have a Maine lawyer review your Maine guardianship paperwork"
  • Take a chance and use the Maine forms without review
  • Without review, they risk potential legal errors in the preparation and filing of any Maine legal guardianship paperwork
  • Then, when they have a legal question about the situation, they have to find, call, and pay a lawyer (OR maybe you’ll simply guess, cross your fingers, and hope you’re right).

Why should you do "what most people do," when "what most people do" only works 50% of the time?

There’s a better way!

  • Get access to a qualified Maine law firm (or law firm in the state of the custody issue) for legal telephone consultation about the legal guardianship forms you need.
  • Buy ALL forms at a 25% discount from the already competitively priced selections of forms.  This includes discounts on all forms, not just those relating to legal guardianship.
  • Legal review by your provider law firm of contracts and documents 10 pages or less on which you are a contracting party.
  • Also, at no additional charge, the plan provides telephone consultations on an unlimited number of personal legal matters as well as initial incorporation consultation.

What does it cost?

For only $89.40 annually (a $7.45 monthly credit card draft) you and your spouse will receive:

  • A 25% discount on already competitively priced legal forms!
  • Legal review by your provider law firm of any contracts and documents you personally are involved with
  • Access to hundreds of Public Domain forms and legal information for you to print and use.
  • Access to legal audio guides and FAQs at no added charge
  • Also, at no additional charge, the plan provides telephone consultations on an unlimited number of personal legal matters as well as initial consultation on incorporation.

If you were to ask a law firm to prepare and review a legal document for you, the cost could be substantial. In fact, on average, one hour of a lawyer’s time may cost more than your annual membership fee with the Forms Service Center*!

“Bargain” internet forms and do-it-yourself kits suggest that you consult with a lawyer before executing the document you’ve purchased. As a member you can send your completed document to be reviewed by a lawyer before you sign it!


* 2002 Survey of Law Firm Economics: National Individual Status Codes, Altman Weil ® Publications, Inc.

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